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Movie information:

When i commented to my friend that i can explain almost everything in life with something in this movie, she was quite surprised with the confident tone but i still hold that arrogance towards that topic. It is indeed a movie of a lifetime.

First of all, its a movie which is not about boxing. Its more than that. Its about fighting for life and making meaning of things within that. Its about survival, fighting back, loving, trusting and striving to make new standards for yourself (and eventually for others). Its simply about everything which you will encounter in life.

Just like rocky, many of us feel too useless, cheated (by fate and people etc) and undefined. But he was a fighter in the sense that he fought back. He got a chance and he worked on it in the best possible way.

Makers of the movie, explains this theme of movie:

So the first movie is about many important aspects of life and i would compartmentalize them for ease of explanation:

  • Underdog
Rocky was a over-aged south-paw boxer who never advanced in a natural manner, since he was a south-paw and  he silently regrets it, but goes along with other means (working for a local money lender) to live off tough life. Everybody treats him a second class or third class human, except his friend Paulie, who somehow knows that he is different.

He fights back from all this, when he gets chance...and boy, he fights back real hard. We see that fire very seldom in ourselves and perhaps thats the only thing which define the quality of human being we hide inside. He knows his weaknesses and acknowledges that he can't beat the champion but he is gonna give best fight of his life and this is what makes him a real fighter.

  • Love story
Some people asked me that they don't understand, what did Rocky saw in Adrian to love her? It can't be explained in words. Its can be felt and thats it. She was the one who could see inside of him and he could see the same and there they found each other, exactly the same. Most importantly, its a love of lifetime :)

  • Friend
Paulie is his friend and though he takes advantage of him, he knows thats rocky has got what it takes to be a real champion. His faith in him isn't irrational since he is the one who is most blunt towards him, speaking truth at his face. Rocky keeps value of this friendship always for the same.

Rocky also understands Paulie like no other person do. He knows that Paulie had hard time but stuck with his responsibility at the cost of his own life. He is just bitter about that and thats okay for Paulie.
  • Fighting back
This is the most important aspect of human life and this is what this movie stands for. He knew beforehand that he was weaker than world champion but he did gave a good fight and even his opponent commented "ain't gonna be no rematch". Thats what makes the true spirit of humanity. Boxing was just a medium to bring this up, which is why I usually comment that rocky movies are not about boxing (in fact learned boxer might comment the flaws in boxing styles).

  • Overconfident champion
This is another most important point of movie. Apollo creed was a overconfident boxer and in our times of tasting peaks, we all suffer from the same syndrome. He ignored the fact that performance is an objective entity. One has to perform, to win and the title has to be defended. Nobody should be ignored for their capabilities. World championship titles is just a metaphor for our achievements in life. 
  • People change
Except for Paulie and Adrian, Rocky became important for them when he got that chance. Untill then, he was a bum. Rocky knew this and acknowledged this fact and treated them accordingly. Thats the reality of humanity society irrespective of geographical affiliation :)


Its a movie of a lifetime. But the story doesn't end up here on a happily ever after note. Thats what makes these movie special. They touch every human chord.

More on other movies in that sequence soon.

Until then enjoy this song which goes along the theme very nicely


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